The Pain Body II

- embodying our presence

a follow up workshop

November 24, 2018


This is a follow-up workshop to Befriending the Pain Body, and is only open to those who have already participated in that workshop.

It is a day designed to deepen and refine our capacity to be present with difficult emotional experience in skilfull and nourishing ways. We will take care to slow down in our contact with inner states and to experience how we can be with them - both internally and in relation to others - in more openness, presence and conscious embodiment. By bringing ourselves more carefully and consciously to this difficult territory, we gently - and gradually - alter the inner culture in which the Pain Body arises, developing a confidence and capacity to meet it with greater ease. 

'Freedom means a true independence from the past-where our action in the moment is not guided by our attention to the arising past.

To truly be free we need strong discrimination between past and present and to embody our recognition of Presence and that requires growing of the capacity of our nervous system to be here.'

Neelam, non-dual teacher