“how shall the heart be reconciled to its feast of losses...?”

from Layers, by Stanley Kunitz

This questions speaks to my work in many ways, capturing the richness and uniqueness of our lives, the wish to integrate and find nourishment and peace with all that we have lived through, both difficult and beautiful. In my writing, workshops and psychotherapy, I try to create space where we can hear from ourselves deeply and freshly, and make good room for what we find there. If you’d like to be on a mailing list, are interested in online events, or have a query re psychotherapy, please register here:

You are welcome to explore the writing and resources on the site - much of it about learning to be with challenging experience in nourishing and expansive ways, often informed by psychology and spirituality and the space between them. 'Words' contains a miscellaneous collection of themes; 'befriending sadness and the pain body' gathers a number of different pieces that speak to how deeply emotional pain can affect some of us, and how we may meet it more sustaining ways.

my words do not aim to capture truth or be definitive, but to offer a momentary perspective that may open space or yield comfort, insight or freedom, wherever they land in you.

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roof tiles and terraced fields, la gomera…

roof tiles and terraced fields, la gomera…