Teach me now to listen,

To strike it rich behind the linear black.

Seamus Heaney, Clearances


About Inquiry:

Inquiry is increasingly widespread in meditative and spiritual circles. At the heart of Inquiry is an open investigation of our experience. When we inquire, we speak as much as we can from presence, allowing ideas, experiences and connections to surface and express as they reveal themselves to us. In this sense, as in Heaney's poem, we are learning to listen deeply to ourselves, in a sacred way, and when we do, we surprise ourselves by what we say and feel, locating veins of clarity, richness and fresh perception. This supports us in clearing mental dross, hearing ourselves freshly, tasting our lives at the frontier of our experience, andacknowledging and diffusing areas of contraction, fear and habitual blockage that may have lain stagnant. 


“Inquiry doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always thinking about things or formulating questions in your mind. You are simply aware and curious; you love to know and feel reality fully and clearly. You’re happy to know reality as deeply and precisely as possible. If experience is not clear, you are simply curious about it. Openness to experience becomes dynamic, challenging experience to reveal its truth. Once in a while, this curiosity might formulate itself into a specific question. You recognize that you don’t understand something, and out of love, you wish to understand it. “ AH Almaas